Sunday, January 29, 2006

Senior moment

Hello everyone! Had a good Christmas?

Well! I want to wish you all a peaceful and happy 2006! I've been off colour for the past few months. Nothing drastic, but a tad depressed about the future and how many years I may have left with my husband Arf. We've been married 23 years and it seems like yesterday - another 23 years and Arf'll be almost 90 years old! So! It's important we make every day count, yes?

Oh! Talking of age! We both had a wonderful senior moment the other day and at the same time. I'll yell you what happened! We found a shopping channel on the television called Bid-up TV and its sister, Price-Drop TV . These channels can become addictive while you're waiting for the main news of the day to come on around 6pm! I saw a watch I liked, and it was so cheap I felt I just had to have it. So I rang the number and was told I was a lucky caller and they would call back for details of payment! Well, they did and Arf answered the phone! He didn't have his glasses on and when they asked for his credit card number, he couldn't read it so passed the phone to me. I read the details out.

Now! This chappie on the end of the phone wasn't English and his accent was somewhat difficult for us to understand! I misheard what he was saying and thought he was offering me a carriage clock. I kept saying that I'd bid for a watch and didn't want a clock! Finally, Arf took back the phone. It turned out I was being told the carriage cost and the poor man taking my order was practically tearing his hair out! So! Arf can't read and I can't hear, nor have a sensible conversation!

I can already hear you saying "What's new, then?!" The travesty is that the vodka bottle wasn't even in sight! See you next month. Take care of yourselves! Sandie. xxxxxx

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