Sunday, September 5, 2004


Hi folks!

We're still waiting for the heatwave here in the UK but the sun is shining so smiles all round!

I was thinking (YES! I do think sometimes!) about how different are my 'joys' today in comparison with yesteryear, now I have MS, had a brain tumour, and am getting ever so slightly older. I bet you're all nodding and getting ready to agree, aren't you?

Remember a first date with a boy you had a crush on and your tummy turned somersaults and your hair never went just how you wanted? The anticipation!

Running into the sea for the first time that year and screaming because everyone else did too!

The sheer relief of feeling that dragging pain which indicated a period that was over a week late! Your first tampax!

Your digestive system seemed to work without thinking about it, no matter what you ate and what you did or didn't do!

Looking for a toilet when out for the day didn't even enter your head - bushes were quite adequate!

These days I'm pleased to be able to wash my hair and blow dry it without having to stop half-way through for a rest whilst my hair kinks and frizzes all on its own!

Running? What's that? I'm happy to trundle round with my stick or crutches for a short time without falling over!

AND! Allowing a whole day to go by without falling asleep before bed-time!

If you have a delicate stomach - pass on this next paragraph! The joy of managing to find a disabled toilet that has some toilet paper in it! (You and I know there will always be that extra dribble when we wee!) More than that! - having a good 'clear out' ('number 2s'!) without straining til my eyeballs feel as though they are about to fall out!!

Actually remembering to put an extra tena-lady pad into my handbag - just in case!

The satisfaction of having a complete conversation with Arf without wandering off on to another subject and forgetting everything that was said before that! Arf is just happy to understand half of what I babble on about throughout the day!

Writing a shopping list that I can actually read when I've finished it! Then remembering where I've put the thing!

Lastly, the absolute joy of waking up without a headache or pain in my eyes and going to Norwich for a morning of 'retail therapy' and lunch at our favourite 'watering hole'!

Simple things, aren't they? So many people take them for granted. Make sure you congratulate yourself when you manage to do something, however small. Life isn't over til the fat lady sings - and I'm NOT singing yet!

Love you all - writing my ramblings each month is a gift Julie has given me - God bless her! Sandie. xxx