Saturday, April 5, 2003


Hi! Everyone!

Easter beckons and with it comes renewed hope but also chocolate Easter eggs!

I expect you probably realise that I'm going to have a little discussion with you and myself about my weight and weight in general!

I'm no expert nor do I have any medical training in this area, but I am a woman who knows her body and what it looks like! How many of us enjoy eating out (and in for that matter!)? But because we have difficulty with mobility, and are therefore not as active as we used to be, beat ourselves up time and time again because we have put on weight? Why do we do this? Haven't we enough to cope with every day?

MS symptoms fall on us from a great height at their volition rather than our own! The more we become obsessed by food and how much we eat, the more we tend to eat because our brain seems to see only one word: FOOD! However, after seeing my Dietician, I've been advised to eat a bit more sensibly for the sake of my health!

Those on medication who have nasty side effects may well take a different view and wish they could eat and put on weight.I think it's important to make sure your body gets enough nutrients to help fight the MS even if it means taking supplements. I guess we are never satisfied. But looking at the bigger picture, it's what is in our hearts and how much love and affection we show others that counts. This is far more important than what we look like! (However, I just came in from the bedroom and saw myself in the mirror! I rest my case!)

Talking of the bigger picture, I had an email from my friend who lives in Israel - Jerusalem to be exact - and I would like to quote a couple of lines from her message. She is talking about her daughter, who has MS: "Thank G-d she is now back on her feet, back at work, and caring for her two boys. She is an amazing girl and is blessed with a super husband." She goes on to talk about the troubles in her country: "I have again banned any of my family from travelling on buses. Otherwise life goes on as normal. We are prepared for whatever happens. With the help of the A-----ty we will come through." My friend asks me to excuse her abbreviations - certain words can lead to danger for her and her family.

And there's me worrying that my tummy is too fat and that clothes which fitted me six months ago are now too small or make me look like a beached whale. Taking pride in ourselves is a good thing, whatever our age and circumstances but life itself is precious and I'm sure you will agree that my friend in Israel is more concerned with staying alive than having a little bit of extra weight! Balance in all things!

So! At this very emotive time, I send you all my love and this love includes all your little tubby bits and wrinkles you can see but others can't, because they focus on your spirit and all the qualities you don't see!

Enjoy the sunshine and let everyone see your smile - it works wonders!