Sunday, July 20, 2003

Body parts

Hi! All!

Bit of a mish-mash, this last month - hope all is well with you!

We had a really nasty virus attack our computer. I-Worm/Bugbear was the name, and it caused us to lose emails and wouldn't allow us onto the Internet. Major disaster for me and a thumping headache for Arf!

However, all is now quiet because we bought an anti-virus system rather than rely on a freebie (Arf is really tight when he can get something free but you only get what you pay for - he paid a King's ransom for me!).

During the past month I had this notion of leaving my whole body for Medical Research when I die as I thought my brain may be of help. I sent for the forms as you can only do this legally through the Home Office here in Britain. Then I read the small print! It said that bodies may be rejected if they are not in good condition, and the bashing my brain has had makes me think that it's highly unlikely they'll want mine!

Speaking of body parts, my friend Lynn who also has MS somehow got her hubby, Paddy, to weigh her bottom! WHY?! Because she wanted to see how much of her slight weight gain (she is gorgeous!) had found its way to her posterior! I won't go into details of how they managed it but the picture in my mind had me giggling for days!

We went to an MS Conference with friends this month and found it very helpful, although we did play truant in the afternoon and sat scoffing chocolate muffins and drinking tea!

The agenda mentioned my neurologists name - the one who found my brain tumour - so I was really looking forward to thanking him. But the Consultant who gave the lecture wasn't the person who had seen me all those years ago! Who was he then? A chappie off the street? A bogus doctor?! I guess we'll never know but he has my thanks anyway!

My Neurology Physiotherapist, Wendy, was also there! You may remember I mentioned her in glowing colours last month! She has written to my neurologist and doctor giving her opinion on my 'type' of MSm so that next time I have a nasty blip, I may be able to choose to have steroids to give me a boost as I have now reached the dizzy heights of relapsing remitting MS! I may even have a choice of disease-modifying drugs but that's a scary thought for me so we'll leave the subject while I have the power of thought!

Because of my new-found confidence, I visited our local Mobility shop to buy a folding stick! I chose a lovely one in purple and green - well you need to be a tad funky, don't you? While I was in there, I couldn't help but notice all the different scooters and electric wheelchairs - it was mind-boggling! So I spent a happy half-hour going around the shop on these new-found wheels of delight! At least, should I become more disabled, I know there are so many folding, colourful, exciting means of transport to choose from!

Oh! I almost forgot - the highlight of my month was going up an escalator! On my own two feet, no less! It may sound a trifle boring to some of you but this was the first time in about 7 years that I'd done this! So I awarded myself a huge gold star in the shape of a huge ice cream with not one but TWO chocolate flakes in it!

Now, all this garbage may seem to imply that not much happened this month, but I know you will appreciate the joy I have felt doing these simple things and I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it the same for you all!

Next month will be a very topsy-turvy account of 'Sandie's House Re-furbishment'! We are decorating, and having a wooden floor put down in our lounge and hall! A large mahogany unit is to go to the scrap yard to make more room and I'm sure there will be tears! 'Minimal' is the new word in our house but as Arf has just bought a wide-screen TV because he reckons he deserves it, I doubt whether minimal is the right word for what we'll end up with!

Have a happy and peaceful month, all of you! Sandie. xx