Sunday, May 16, 2004


Hi all! Did you all have a good Easter with lots of choccie? Good!

I'm still trying to diet but dark, luscious, melting choccie does it for you, doesn't it?!

Anyway, talking of good things... I went to my Continence Nurse again for her to measure the amount of urine I was retaining. And guess what? It was only 18ml! Must be all the walking about I do with my head in a dog's lead, dragged along by Arf!

There was no need to do it all over again but what she did give me was a vibrator!

Yep! You heard right, folks!

It's small, like a small mobile phone, and you stimulate your bladder by pressing it on your pubic bone for a few seconds or so and then, hey presto!, your bladder, which is really a small pump, empties more than you ever realised! At least, that's the theory and it's worked for me!

You can use it to start you off when you are unable to go (but know you really need to!). Or you can use it when you think you've finished but still are retaining! Saves you wanting another go a few minutes later! One thing I have to say: it's a tad noisy!

We went to a department store. Arf came into the disabled loo with me and I used the vibrator. I started giggling because of the noise! I waited for a couple of minutes and lo and behold, a small waterfall suddenly came from my bladder and I said to Arf, "YES!". When we opened the door, a small queue had formed, and we were still smiling!

One lady opened her mouth to say something but obviously thought better of it! Perhaps she had seen "When Harry met Sally"! I tottered off with Arf and thought "This could get really interesting!"

If any of you are interested in the vibrator email me and I'll give you the details!

Love you all! Sandie. xx