Monday, May 7, 2007


Well! My darlings!

What do you think of 'our Julie' being painted for all to see for always?! A brave, brave woman - and I think I can see some sadness in her eyes; very poignant indeed.

MS is being made more public now, thanks to people like Jooly. It's so easy to sit back and think about doing something to raise awareness. But oh! So much harder - almost impossible! - to actually DO it! I know, 'cos I'm one of the world's worst offenders!

You may remember that in my last diary I mentioned CUPID - a trial to see whether THC, found in Cannabis, would help with pain and perhaps go some way towards slowing down the progression in certain types of MS, namely Primary Progressive and Secondary Progressive MS. Well, my lovelies! I am officially on the trial after several visits to the hospital and seeing gorgeous neurologists as well! AND! We are paid our expenses!

You would have laughed at my expression when I was confronted with the mental tests! Pegs in holes and out again with each hand and a mathematical test which defies any description I can think of without swearing!

I have problems with short term memory (as do many of you! ) so this really wasn't an easy ride!

Arf and me met up with a couple of people who were also starting the trial and soon we were having a party in the Dispensary. The next time we meet - in a week from now - we're having vodka cocktails and nibbles, so if you would like to join us in Norwich…!!!

To date, I've felt NOTHING at all when taking these pills, except for feeling less agitated and having fewer headaches, so I'm now taking fewer tablets for these troublesome problems. Of course, it may just be the 'placebo' effect, but if I feel better, I'm more than pleased whatever the pill holds in it's little capsule!

On a lighter note, Arf kindly dyed my hair for me and now I am really red! Not even "Ginge" could match this colour! I've told people that I went in the tunnel for my MRI scan with mousy brown hair and came out with it looking like a burning bush! Actually I LOVE it and I don't think I'll ever grow old gracefully! Needless to say, I've hacked my fringe and will wear a paper bag over my head when my hairdresser sees me tomorrow!

I have a feeling that good things will happen for us all in the next few months. The sun is shining. I have yet ANOTHER two appointments next week at the hospital to see young and very handsome toy boys (the neurologists!). Arf has settled down with the tablets for his Diabetes and is doing well. And this morning, a lovely lady phoned me about my place on their list for a self-propelled wheelchair! She's moved me to another list which gives me priority! You can't get better than that, now, can yer?!

Now! Off yer go on the web and take another look at Jooly! See ya soon!