Monday, March 21, 2005

Big pants

Hi everyone! How are you all?

The weather here in the UK has been giving us all a bit of a worry - snow and icy roads! Not used to it - that's our trouble!

Thought I'd give you all a bit of a giggle at my expense! It was a few weeks ago now and the sales were still on in the department stores so we went to our favourite one looking for frilly knickers and anything else that took our fancy!

We had our usual mocha coffees which always make us feel good and set off fully satiated! As it was nearing the end of sale-time, I was limited in my choice! I'm not huge but have expanded due to not being agile. And of course, I am getting older! The trouble was, all the larger (Oh! I hate that word!) sizes were on the bottom rail.

And as many of you know, MS doesn't allow bending, looking and staying on your feet all at the same time! I asked for a chair and got to work! There were some gorgeous bits of nothing. I couldn't say no to any of them! One pair caught my eye at the same time as Arf! They were black, silky, see-through and curvy and the top was bound in satin! Now! How many of you could resist those?! Be honest! I beamed with delight and thrust all my goodies onto Arf as I couldn't manage to walk to the till - I was very, very tired!

I wasn't sure about the fit of these black beauties because there was no elastic so I asked Arf to discreetly point to me when paying for them! Now, it wasn't his fault - lots of things are... but this was definitely NOT! The sales assistant, a young girl, held up these black wonders by the satin trim so I could see the width of the top of them! She said, in a loud voice (I was some way away from the till itself), "Do you think these will be big enough?"! I looked over and saw a 'Bridget Jones' pair of panties! HUGE! There was some sniggering from the svelte ladies in the queue and a very red-faced Arf who dreaded coming back to me (I could see by the look on his face!)! I nodded and wished the floor would swallow me up! It didn't! And! They fit! Oh! Well! Worse things at sea, eh?!

See ya - keep warm! Sandie.