Sunday, September 28, 2003

Demolition job

Hi all! After a heavy bit of writing last time, I thought I'd give you a laugh - mind you, I didn't laugh at the time!

Re-decoration mayhem! For years, we've had carpets and clutter in our home, so this time, we thought we'd go 'minimal' as it seems to be all the rage and I know many of you probably have wooden floors! We chose the colour, 'enhanced beech', and waited!

Two burly chaps came round. The cats promptly fled and we didn't see them 'til the evening! They (the chaps not the cats!) were tremendously helpful in moving our two recliners as they are very heavy. Me and Arf tried to look as if we were doing something important while they got to work!

It took all day with quite a few breaks because the day in question was the hottest day of the year thus far and the poor chaps were really struggling, even though pints of cold drinks were guzzled by them and us! It looked lovely when they had finished. The walls were painted 'Caramel Cream' and we had 'Sage Green' curtains to bring out the green in the chairs.

Then, calamity! And I mean CALAMITY! Arf, while putting the storage heater back in position, dropped the cover (together with all its bricks which hold the heat) onto the newly laid floor! Did it mark the floor? You bet it did! Now this new floor had cost a lot of money and we are not rich, so I panicked, cried, yelled, swore and lurched out into the garden!

Arf followed but was wise enough to stay a fair way away from me! I'd offered to help but he - being Arf - had declined with "Oh no, Sandie! Much too heavy for you!" What could we do?

Murder crossed my mind, then manslaughter 'cos I was provoked and very emotional! Now here's a lovely thing! When Arf was finally allowed back into the bungalow, he phoned the builders and confessed what he'd done. The chap whose business it was offered to put it right free of charge as he said "It's always a pleasure to work for people as nice as you and your wife deserves a perfect floor!"

My false teeth nearly fell out!

Arf was speechless - a definite first for him! But true to this chap's word, round they came a few days later and everything is brilliant... except for the matter of two new smaller heaters to replace the large one Arf demolished! ( He's had the cost taken from his pocket money - we worked it out that by the year 2010 he will just about have covered it!) A

ll is well now, and although it was a stressful time and my head ached in sympathy, our lounge and hall are now spacious and clean and lovely! Arf is still in one piece - at the moment! - although he does have a swollen knee due to arthritis.

The other Saturday, I found him with his trouser leg rolled up and my friend who was cutting his hair at the time, bent over examining just how swollen it actually was and comparing it to the other one!

Gawd! What will next month bring?! See ya! Ginge