Sunday, July 4, 2004


Well, guys and gals!

Did you enjoy my little bit of erotica last month?!

Sometimes humour is the only way I can cope with the symptoms that keep whittling away at my willpower. Having a laugh helps me to stay mentally strong and in some kind of control!

I saw my neurologist the other week. I came out from the consultation feeling quite non-plussed and a tad upset by what he said (so what's new? I hear you say!). I

've lost a little weight, so the first thing he said was, "Oh! A svelte Mrs Bailes!". I smiled, sweetly! Then it was on to his favourite subject: my waterworks! I showed him my vibrator (see last month's diary!) and he promptly closed the subject! My left leg has now got a will of its own and is very stiff and awkward. My right one is following closely behind!

The neuro actually bothered to examine me this time (unusual for him) and said, "Well, my dear! Slow deterioration, I'm afraid!". He was very patronising.

My eye pain, which has been bothersome to say the least, was put down to migraine! He offered nothing to help as it seems I don't fit the criteria. I want my ongoing symptoms to be monitored so I asked to be seen in six months instead of a year. "I think a year is fine - resources, you know!", he said. So now I'm a drain on resources!

He advised me to carry on seeing my neuro-physio and she would refer me if necessary. I was so outraged, but I said my usual thing - "THANKS VERY MUCH!" - and came away, fuming!

I mentioned the frustrating neuro visit to my family doctor, who had already received a letter from the hospital about my consultation. He was far more helpful: "Come and see me when you need to. I'll fast-track you for a neurology appointment if I think it necessary. I know you better than any other professional treating you!".

The doctor agreeed to check my eyes on a regular basis! What a honey! I'd actually gone to see him for an internal examination (the rubber glove kind!) because he thought I would need a hysterectomy (I'd been bleeding when I shouldn't!). However, everything is in its right place and I've been reprieved for the timebeing. At the end of my visit he asked me, "Why do you go and see your neuro if you come away upset and dissatisfied?".

That took me by surprise and I answered "Because I thought I had to!" Now, my lovelies! What do you think of that?

If you have a good family doctor - use him to the fullest! That's why he's there! I know some are better than others. My doctor is of the highest calibre and although it's taken many years to develop this relationship with him, I feel very privileged to have him treat me! It's just a pity I can't say the same about my neurologist! See you all next month - God bless!

Sandie xxx

P.S. I had a letter from my local hospital this morning asking me if I needed anything or needed to see anyone as 'some time had elapsed' since my last appointment! I may send a copy of this to my neuro!